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I am a Christian who is trying to follow God's will for her life. I love to read, plan & take road trips, taking pictures & scrapbooking them. I am a Disney Addict.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Duck who thought she was a Martin

I have never seen this. A female mallard landed on the top of the Martin house & for a while I wasn't sure if she was going to get off. The Martins tried to dive-bomb her with no success. All she did was squawk at them. They finally settled for one standing on each side of the roof with the females standing in front of the doors to their nests. Eventually she got tired of standing up there & flew off. Her mate joined her in the lake. Later saw the two of them being chased by another Drake. Have no idea why she thought the top of the Martin house was a good place to land.

Monday, April 9, 2012


I'm watching Titanic: the Final Word with James Cameron. I feel frustration. I think my feelings have changed since visiting the Titanic Museum last October. I used to be fascinated with how it sank; now it doesn't matter to me how it broke apart. It kind of detracts from the story. Titanic hit an iceberg & sank. That's what happened. The real story to me has become the passengers' stories. One of my favorite parts of the visit to the Museum was the kids' audio tour. It has the kids looking for Miss Frou Frou, a dog that looks like my nieces' dog Coco. She was owned by Mrs. Helen Bishop who received her as a wedding present from her husband. The story for the kids' audio tour is Frou Frou is running loose around the boat & you need to find her. Frou Frou is found but unfortunately she doesn't survive the sinking. When you "board" the Titanic Museum, you are given a card with a description of a passenger. You look through the displays for objects or stories associated with your person. In the Memorial Room you find out if you lived or died. Grandma & I lived; Mom died.

Now watching Saving Titanic with Bob Ballard. I love Bob Ballard. I feel bad for him. You can see he feels some responsibility for the current tragedy of Titanic being exploited. I wonder if he regrets not taking a piece from the wreckage when they found it in 1985. If he had, he would have had the salvage rights & could have protected it from scavenger hunters & sightseers. He cares about the stories & not how Titanic broke up. To me stories are what make life meaningful. That is why we practice aural history in our family. We pass the family stories from one person & generation to another. We should probably write the family stories down so they won't be lost. Some will be scrapbooked; some will be lost to the ages but as long as someone in the family cares about the family history, the stories will survive.