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I am a Christian who is trying to follow God's will for her life. I love to read, plan & take road trips, taking pictures & scrapbooking them. I am a Disney Addict.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Royal Wedding Series

I have never had a story resonate with me as much as Rachel Hauck's Royal Wedding Series. These 5 stories touched me like no other. Once Upon A Prince, How To Catch A Prince, A March Bride & A Royal Christmas Wedding follow the love stories of the Princes of Brighton Kingdom & their American loves & Princess Ever After is about the American who finds she is the long lost Princess of Hessenberg, sister nation to Brighton. These modern day fairy tales have elements of magic/supernatural. Susanna has a fairy godmother who sees God's vision for Susanna & Nathaniel & a pair of bejeweled shoes like Cinderella. Corina stays in a mystical Manor, is given a message to "Love Well" & must figure out what that means. In Avery's story there is a  magically ringing 600 pound bell. Regina feels oil pour on her head as if God is anointing her for making politically correct decisions & finds an antique race car that has been magically hidden for 100 years. All, princes & their princesses + a Minister of Culture, must make to decision to follow God or follow royal law. I don't know why these stories are affecting me so. I don't really want to be them. Maybe I want what they have. A God ordained love & faith. Love well.