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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fitzgeraald Bay

I have been reading Love Inspired Suspense 2012 continuing series Fitzgerald Bay. In the first book Olivia Henry is killed. By the third book I think I had figured it out. I just completed book 5. My theory still holds & some of my suspicions were confirmed. There was a shock in 5 that I didn't like. This is not a spoiler since I haven't read the 6th & final book yet, this is my hypothesis. I believe Christina Hennessy killed Olivia because Olivia is the Hennessy's adopted daughter, Georgina's birth mother & she wanted her baby back. Christina couldn't let that happen since the baby was so important to her husband Burke. Now who Georgina's father is I don't know. I'd like to think it is Conner Hennessy & his father adopted his daughter to cover up a family scandal. Will see how accurate my theory is. I'm about to start the last book.

Update: I was right about some things, there were some curves thrown in & of course everyone in the family lives happily ever after.

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