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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My grandparents owned a restaurant when I was growing up. My grandmother recently passed away 2 months shy of 100 & we are now cleaning out her house. We have come across several Disney items that I have claimed but I was surprised by one item I would never have associated with Disney. As owners of a restaurant my grandparents would go to restaurant shows. At one in 1961 they picked up “The Aunt Jemima Basic Batter Plan for pancake variety & profit growth. A new method for reaching maximum pancake preparation efficiency, varied menu & top profit margins. Created specifically for the restaurant operator & pancake specialty house.”  This manual was produced by Quaker Oats. It not only talked about how to produce pancakes efficiently & merchandise them for the best profitability but it also included recipes. There were the basic Adirondack pancakes, which are a stack of 3 pancakes topped with sweetened whipped cream & maple syrup. Then there are the more exotic like Ham Pancakes Rarebit which has ham stirred into the batter. They are stacked & topped with cheese Rarebit & garnished with strips of pimiento. There are pancakes with potatoes or oatmeal stirred into the batter, waffles, crepes & blinis. There’s even an Ice Cream Waffle Sandwich. 
Now I’m sure you’re wondering what this has to do with Disney. Well, I was going to throw this manual into the garbage until I got to the next to last page. It said “Aunt Jemima’s experience is based on the actual operation of the most famous pancake house in the world, Aunt Jemima’s Kitchen, Disneyland”. The last page was the menu for Aunt Jemima’s Kitchen. I was amazed that you could feed a family of 4 juice, eggs, bacon & sausage, waffles & pancakes & drink for $4.95. Can 1 person get all that for $4.95 now adays. Of course as soon as I saw the word “Disneyland”, I knew I couldn’t throw this manual out. While the basic pancake mix recipe was for 65 – 100 pancakes, the pancake recipes were for 1 pancake serving so I can use these at home especially since Aunt Jemima mixes are still being produced.

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